Family without the Fuss at RIU

Thought you needed LESS family time? Guess again, because it’s quality, not quantity that matters most.

For families that have been cooped up together for upwards of a year, the idea of spending more time together may sound daunting, right?


Because it’s not about the amount of time, but the quality of time that’s important. Time to relax and reconnect, time without chores and obligations, arguments or nagging. This time is what brings the family back together, mitigating the family fatigue some might be feeling. And there’s no better time to refresh and reset the family dynamic than now, especially as RIU Hotels & Resorts offers a bevy of promotions to help you do it affordably.

  • Kids Stay Free. That’s right—up to two tots to those aged 12 can be towed along at no additional charge, depending on the resort, which makes it essentially a BOGO for two parents and two kids for a significant savings. Just book travel to take place before 12/23/21 (unless otherwise specified) and you’re golden.
  • Rate Reductions of Up to 55%. Yep, that’s on top of the free stays for kids. How are your home-schooling math skills feeling now as you start furiously calculating the savings value?!
  • Free Antigen Testing. This is really important now that it’s required in order to return to the U.S. Many resorts, particularly those in Mexico and Dominican Republic, are offering complimentary on-site testing. RIU ups the ante by also providing this service in Aruba and Jamaica as well. This policy is valid until the regulations regarding this new requirement change.
  • Quarantine Stay Protection. In the event that you and your family may need to quarantine, up to 10 days is covered, free at RIU properties. And in another family-friendly detail, this extension includes any travel companions sharing the same room, which means that if one member needs to stay, the rest of the group need not be separated, which is a potential reality under some other hotel policies.
  • No Cancellation Fees. There’s literally nothing to lose in booking the family getaway you probably all need! There are no penalties from this hotel chain to worry about if you change your mind about your trip, whether you choose to cancel outright or reschedule. Just make sure to ask your agent to choose the regular rate and non-refundable one when you book.
  • Resort Credit. Depending on the RIU hotel or resort you choose, your booking could be eligible for resort credit that you can use to make your stay more special. From motorized water activities to golf rounds or spa treatments, you’ll have options.
  • Free Transfers. Available at select resorts, you’ll be able to ride to and from the airport for free—meaning you won’t have to answer “Are we there yet?” or “How are we getting there?” at all!

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