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Liberia and Guanacaste, Costa Rica

This area of northwest Costa Rica, known as the Guanacaste region, offers numerous activities along the beach, in the charming towns and in the nearby rain forests. You can combine your visit to the Guanacaste region with a stay in either the cosmopolitan city of San Jose or surrounded by the natural beauty of the Arenal Volcano/Monteverde area — or you can combine all three areas for a great Costa Rican adventure. Most hotels are located on the beach and several are all-inclusive.


San Jose & Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

For those drawn to the excitement of city life, the bustling and cosmopolitan capital of San Jose is a great destination. Glass-mirrored high rises, cozy restaurants, lively nightclubs, and classic theaters flourish within the city limits. Most hotels are internationally recognized chains and are located in the downtown area or nearby.

You can also combine your visit to San José with a stay in either the beach area of Guanacaste along the Pacific Coast or the mountainous Arenal Volcano/Monteverde area—or you can combine all 3 areas for a great Costa Rican adventure.


Arenal Volcano and Monteverde Region, Costa Rica

These destinations boast many amazing, ecological wonders that are best reached by rental car, and are the perfect spots for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for the ultimate Costa Rica vacation.

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