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Anthony Melchiorri

We sit down with travel and hospitality expert, Managing Direct/founding of Argeo Hospitality, and host of Travel Channel's Hotel Impossible, Anthony Melchiorri to ask:

Question: What is your favorite destination and why?
Answer: For a quick visit, it’s gotta be Coney Island in Brooklyn. It has the best pizza place: Totonno’s; it’s the home of the original roller coaster; it has the Ford Amphitheater; and it’s the home of the original and best Nathan’s Hot Dogs. I “vacation” there three to four times a year because I live so close, and as a native to the area, it’s never really left my bloodstream. For a longer stay, my pick is Scandinavia. I was doing an ice hotel special for the Travel Channel and I realized three things: 1. The Finns aren’t big on words or handshakes — like Brooklynites, they tell you how it is. 2. Sweden is clean and just a generally happy place. 3. Norway is a very outdoors-focused, athletic and family-oriented country. If I ever moved away from the U.S., I’d probably move there.

Question: Where haven't you traveled that you would like to go?
Answer: Japan. I just want to be in Japanese for a solid year! I want to watch, learn, and fully immerse myseld, 100% in the language, customs, culture, restaurants, temples, and everything the nation has to offer.

Question: What's the most unusual gift you've brought home from your travels?
Answer: A wood carved bust of my head donated by a fan. I'm not kidding

Question: Where do you like to go when you want to relax and chill?
Answer: If I am alone and want to relax, you'd find me at a poker table at the Venetian in Las Vegas. If I'm with my family, we would either be enjoying the sun in a two-bedroom condo at the end of a long beach in Turks and Caicos, or at my family's epicenter just outside Rome in Civitavecchia.

Question: If you could take one trip anywhere, where would you go?
Answer: I would take a year-long, around-the-world cruise - but with a catch; I wouldn't want to know the destinations nor would I want to know the itinerary.

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